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Current Issue | Vol. 57 #4
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Table of Contents

Theme: Post Conference

Feature Articles

157 | Quote Us Freely: British Librarians Speak Out about Recent Cutbacks
by Guy Robertson

160 | Roch Carrier's Iconic Book in Space
by Peter Rochon

162 | Your Library: A Place Unbound
Canadian Library Month 2011

163 | Who Takes Care of the Heroes?
Library and Archives Canada and the
Canadian Comic Book
by Rachel Richey


154 | From the Director's Chair
Halifax and beyond!
by Kelly Moore

156 | Taking the Lead
Thought Leadership
by Ken Roberts and Daphne Wood

165 | Book Reviews

167 | 800 m Ahead: Small Public Libraries in Canada
Sheep River Library, Turner Valley, AB


140 | Index to Advertisers

170 | CLA Transitional Executive Council 2011
& Staff Contacts

Front Cover

This month's cover image:
The bandstand gazebo and the
statue of the Roman goddess Flora
at the Halifax Public Gardens in
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.
Photo Credit:
© Onepony
Cover Design: Beverly Bard

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