Canadian Library Association

Our Mission

CLA is the national voice for Canada’s library communities.  As members, we:

  • champion library values and the value of libraries
  • influence public policy impacting libraries
  • inspire and support member learning
  • collaborate to strengthen the library community

Our Values

  • intellectual freedom
  • diversity
  • transparency and open communication
  • accountability
  • universal access to library service
  • member voices and contributions
  • collaboration

Our Operating Principles

  • An active and engaged membership is crucial to our success.
  • CLA will have a governance structure that meets member needs.
  • CLA will be efficiently run, fiscally responsible and financially stable. 
  • CLA facilitates the many diverse opinions and ideas about libraries and library issues. 
  • CLA will work closely with networks and other library associations to promote libraries, learning and advocacy opportunities.

Approved by CLA Executive Council, 4 February 2013