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YCW-HO Dates and Deadlines


Date Deadline
January Employers must complete the application form online at
February 1 Deadline for summer position applications within Heritage Organization
May to June Letters of intent, Contract and Staffing Reports [completion instructions - PDF] sent to approved applicants
Mid-June Employers must return letter of intent and contract to CLA
July Employer Staffing Report must be completed online
July - August Random phone and on-site monitoring of employers
August First installment sent to employers who have completed Staffing Report
August - September Employer & Student End of Work Term Report completed online within 30 days of student end date
Sept - Nov Final installments sent to employers who have returned Employer & Student End of Work term Report & who have completed their online
Evaluation Questionnaire

Final Report YCW- HO Employer FAQ

1. YCW is a contribution program, not a grant program - what does this mean?

The YCW program uses contributions, as opposed to grants, as its funding instrument. See the table below for a summary of the differences.

Conditional Non-conditional
Formal agreement Letter of award
Reporting essential No reporting
Expenditures verifiable Expenditure not verifiable
Subject to audit  Not subject to audit

2. How do I send in YCW forms?

All the forms that you have to complete for YCW are done in your YCW online account. You must print, sign and submit the forms completed from your YCW account by sending them to the CLA office so that they can be processed as quickly as possible. The forms can be sent by fax, however for legal reasons the original of any form that requires a signature must also be sent to CLA by the end of your contract. For your convenience you should keep a copy of any originals that you send to CLA.

3. What is the letter of intent?

The letter of intent is sent to employers to inform them that they have been approved for funding so that they can begin the recruitment process. This letter must be signed and returned to CLA in order to confirm their participation in the YCW program. If you will be significantly delayed in reaching a decision let CLA know. If you decide not to accept the funding, inform CLA right away so that the funds can be redistributed.

4. What am I agreeing to by signing the YCW contract?

After the letter of intent is returned, CLA sends out your contribution contract. This contract details how your contribution will be disbursed, the summer placement/s you are to create and your obligations as an employer. Attached to the contract are the 'Terms and Conditions of contract between employer and organization'. As an employer it is your responsibility to read this document as it is an integral part of the contract that you sign. If you do not abide by the terms of the contract your contribution may be cancelled or reduced - it is your responsibility to know and follow the rules of the program. If you are not sure if something follows program guidelines contact the YCW Program Coodinator.

5. How do I conduct recruitment?

Recruiting students is the responsibility of employers. Advertisement of position/s and searching for candidate/s is left to the employer's discretion. Students hired must be eligible for the program.

6. Is there financial support for hiring out of area students?

A transportation allowance is available for students who relocate from their place of permanent residence in order to accept a summer placement. Please contact the YCW Program Coordinator for more information.

7. How do I complete the Staffing Report?

This report is completed online. Once you hire a student you must fill this out and return it to CLA in order to receive your first installment (75% of the total YCW contribution). For assistance in completing a staffing report, please refer to the Employer Staffing Report - Steps to Follow document available here in pdf format.

Please note the following when filling out the report:

  • Title - The job title as it appears on your contract
  • Start Date - The start date of the YCW project
  • End Date - The end date of the YCW project
  • Number of days to be worked - The number of days between, excluding any stat holidays, vacation days, extra workdays not part of the YCW project. For more info on stat holidays see
    27statutory_holidays_ synoptic_table.shtml.
    Note: The project work weeks must be consecutive, i.e. your student can't take extended time off during the project. See Terms and Conditions sec. 2 (c).
  • Work hours per day - Number of hours the student works per day. If student works irregular hours, indicate average hours worked per day (total hours of work anticipated divided by the total number of workdays)
  • Hourly wage - The hourly wage paid to the student, excluding benefits.
  • Gross salary - Work days x Hours worked per day x Hourly wage
  • Approved YCW contribution - The total YCW contribution that appears on your contract
  • Languages - The language/s the student is expected to work in.

For a student to be eligible to work under the YCW program, they must answer be able to answer "yes" to 'You are 30 years of age or under', 'You are a Canadian Citizen or permanent resident and legally allowed to work in Canada' and "no" to 'Do you have another full-time job'.

8. How do I complete the End of Work Term Report?

The End of Work Term Report is completed online and is used to verify financial information. The End of Work Term Report must be returned within 30 days of the project's end date. Upon receipt the final 25% of the YCW contribution will be disbursed. Please note the following when filling out the financial section of the report.

  • The job title as it appears on your contract
  • The name of your student as it appeared on the staffing report
  • The start date of the YCW project
  • The end date of the YCW project
  • The number of days between the start date and the end date, excluding stat holidays, vacation days and extra days not part of the YCW project
  • The number of hours the student works per week
  • The hourly wage the student is paid, excluding benefits
  • The percentage the employer paid for EI, CPP, vacation pay, stat holidays, etc. Refer to 'Terms and conditions of contract', Sec. 1, for definition of mandatory costs
  • The total YCW contribution as indicated on your contract
  • The place of work
  • The language/s that the student worked in.

The Success Story at the end of the report is where you get to tell your personal story of how YCW helped your library and your student. The information may be used in Heritage Canada publications and/or CLA publications. If you had a great experience with YCW we would love to share it with the library community, so write us your story, send us your pictures, your articles, etc.

9. What do I do if my student quits/my student wants to end early/my student wants to take time off/my student wants a raise/my student is not working on the proposed project?

If after your contract begins you cannot adhere to it, e.g. you are paying the student a higher/lower wage, the student quits, the student has to work more/less hours per week or more/less total work days, etc., let CLA know without delay, see 'Terms and conditions of contract', sec. 3(g). Note that the student must work consecutive weeks, e.g. they cannot take extended time off, see 'Terms and conditions', sec. 2(c). We will assess your situation and amend your contract so that it can be followed. Waiting to the end of your contract before notifying CLA of any discrepancies can result in your YCW contribution having to be repaid, see 'Terms and conditions of contract', sec. 12.

10. What is monitoring and how will it affect me?

To meet accountability standards, CLA is required to monitor its YCW projects. Monitoring is the random selection of employers to ensure that the information they have submitted to us is correct and that they are following program guidelines. During the summer we telephone or conduct on-site visits to confirm information such as salary, work description, etc. with employers and students. Following the 'Terms and conditions of contract', section 3(e), the CLA can request financial documents in order to verify the information you have provided us with.