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Book of the Year for Children Award


2015 The Night Gardener by Jonathan Auxier [press release]
(Penguin Canada)
2014 The Curse of the Dream Witch by Allan Stratton [press release]
(Scholastic Canada Ltd)
2013 The Reluctant Journal of Henry K. Larsen, by Susin Nielsen [press release]
(Tundra Books)
2012 The Whole Truth, Kit Pearson  [press release]
(HarperCollins Canada)
2011 Half Brother, Kenneth Oppel  [press release]
2010 Watching Jimmy, Nancy Hartry [press release]
(Tundra Books)
2009 The Shepherd's Granddaughter, Anne Laurel Carter [press release]
(Groundwood Books)
2008 Elijah of Buxton, Christopher Paul Curtis [press release]
(Scholastic Canada Ltd)
2007 Johnny Kellock Died Today, Hadley Dyer [press release]
(Harper Collins Canada)
2006 The Crazy Man, Pamela Porter [press release]
(Groundwood Books)
2005 Last Chance Bay, Anne Laurel Carter [press release]
(Penguin) 0-14301-663-6
2004 Boy O'Boy, Brian Doyle [press release]
(Groundwood/Douglas & McIntyre) 0-88899-590-3
2003 Hana's Suitcase, Karen Levine [press release]
(Second Story Press) 1-896764-55-X
2002 Orphan at My Door: The Home Child Diary of Victoria Cope, Jean Little
(Scholastic Canada Ltd.) 0-439-98834-9
2001 Wild Girl & Gran, Nan Gregory (read the acceptance speech)
(Red Deer Press) 0-88995-221-3
2000 Sunwing, Kenneth Oppel
(HarperCollins) 0-00-648166-3
1999 Stephen Fair, Tim Wynne-Jones
(Groundwood/Douglas & McIntyre) 0-88899-360-9
1998 Silverwing, Kenneth Oppel
(HarperCollins) 0-00-648-144-2
1997 Uncle Ronald, Brian Doyle
(Groundwood/Douglas & McIntyre) 0-88899-266-1
1996 The Tiny Kite of Eddie Wing, Maxine Trottier
(Stoddart) 0-7737-2865-1
1995 Summer of the Mad Monk, Cora Taylor
(Douglas & McIntyre) 1-55054-174-9
1994 Some of the Kinder Planets, Tim Wynne-Jones
(Groundwood/Douglas & McIntyre) 0-88899-207-6
1993 Ticket to Curlew, Celia Barker Lottridge
(Groundwood/Douglas & McIntyre) 0-88899-163-0
1992 Eating Between the Lines, Kevin Major
(Doubleday Canada) 0-385-25293-5
1991 Redwork, Michael Bedard
(Lester & Orpen Dennys) 0-88169-276-5
1990 The Sky is Falling, Kit Pearson
(Penguin) 0-670-82649-1
1989 Easy Avenue, Brian Doyle
(Groundwood Books), 0-88899-065
1988 A Handful of Time, Kit Pearson
(Penguin), 0-670-81532-2
1987 Shadow in Hawthorn Bay, Janet Lunn
(Lester & Orpen Dennys), 0-88619-134-3
1986 Julie, Cora Taylor
(Western Producer Prairie Books), 0-88833-172-X
1985 Mama's Going to Buy You a Mockingbird, Jean Little
(Penguin), 0-670-80346-4
1984 Sweetgrass, Jan Hudson
(Tree Frog Press), 0-88967-076-5
1983 Up to Low, Brian Doyle
(Groundwood Books), 0-88899-017-0
1982 The Root Cellar, Janet Lunn
(Lester & Orpen Dennys), 0-0-919630-78-2
1981 The Violin-Maker's Gift, Donn Kushner
(Macmillan of Canada), 0-7715-9735-5
1980 River Runners, James Houston
(McClelland & Stewart), 0-7710-4282-5
1979 Hold Fast, Kevin Major
(Clarke Irwin), 0-7720-1175-3
1978 Garbage Delight, Dennis Lee
(Macmillan of Canada), 0-7715-9592-1
1977 Mouse Woman and the Vanished Princesses, Christie Harris
(McClelland & Stewart), 0-7710-4023-7
1976 Jacob Two-Two Meets the Hooded Fang, Mordecai Richler
(McClelland & Stewart), 0-7710-7482-4
1975 Alligator Pie, Dennis Lee
(Macmillan of Canada), 0-7715-9591-3
1974 The Miraculous Hind, Elizabeth Cleaver
(Holt Rinehart), 0-03-928278-3
1973 The Marrow of the World, Ruth Nichols
(Macmillan of Canada), 0-7715-1663-0
1972 Mary of Mile 18, Ann Blades
(Tundra Books), 0-8876-025-2
1971 Cartier Discovers the St. Lawrence, William Toye
(Oxford University Press), 0-19-540348-7
1970 Sally Go Round the Sun, Edith Fowke
(McClelland & Stewart) 0-7710-3165-3
1969 And Tomorrow the Stars, Kay Hill
1968 The White Archer, James Houston
1967 The Raven's Cry, Christie Harris
(McClelland & Stewart), 0-7710-4033-4
1966 Tikta' Liktak, James Houston

The Double Knights, James McNeill
(Oxford University Press), 0-19-287745-2
1965 Tales of Nanabozho, Dorothy Reid
(Oxford University Press), 0-19-540322-3
1964 The Whale People, Roderick Haig-Brown
(Collins), 0-00-222197-7
1963 The Incredible Journey, Sheila Burnford
(Little, Brown), 0-340-01090-8
1961 The St. Lawrence, William Toye
(Oxford University Press)
1960 The Golden Phoenix, M. Barbeau & M. Hornyansky
(Oxford University Press), 0-19-540345-2
1959 The Dangerous Cove, John F. Hayes
(Copp Clark)
1958 Lost in the Barrens, Farley Mowat
(Little, Brown)
1957 Glooskap's Country, Cyrus Macmillan
(Oxford University Press)
1956 Train for Tiger Lily, Louise Riley
(Macmillan of Canada)
1952 The Sun Horse, Catherine A. Clark
(Macmillan of Canada)
1950 Franklin of the Arctic, Richard Lambert
(McClelland & Stewart)
1949 Kristli's Trees, Mabel Dunham
(McClelland & Stewart)
1947 Starbuck Valley Winter, Roderick Haig-Brown

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