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The CLA Interest Groups were dissolved by a vote of the CLA membership at the Association's AGM in May 2011. At that time, members adopted a revised Constitution and Bylaws which replaced the former structures of Divisions and Interest Groups with new units called Networks.

The webpages for the former Interest Groups are available here as archived sites; no new contect will be added to these pages after 30 May 2011.

Please visit the Networks page for information on the new professional units.

The Canadian Library Association/Association canadienne des bibliothèques has several interest groups covering a wide-range of subjects. The purpose of the Interest Groups is to allow members of the Association, having a common interest in some aspect of library service that is not dealt with the division/committee structure of CLA, to meet and correspond on the subject. This is facilitated by the provision of meeting space during the annual conference and through the use of Feliciter, web pages and newsletters to communicate news of interest to both the Interest Group's members and to the Association's general membership.

CLA Interest Groups are not as formally organized as the divisions and committees of the Association. Their membership is open to all members of CLA who pay the required fee, and there is no limit to the number of members each group may have. There must be a convenor for each Interest Group chosen by the members at least every two years. Any other structure within a particular Interest Group shall be determined by the members of that group.  The convenor must be a current CLA member.

CLA is now pleased to offer the possibility for individuals living outside Canada to join an Interest Group. Please note that this category does not provide CLA personal membership status and benefits. More information about this the Interest Group Only Membership category available here.

To access information on the Organization and Operation of Interest Groups, visit: Guidelines for the Organization and Operation of Interest Groups.

To access information on a specific interest group including their convenor(s) and terms of reference, select it from the list below.





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