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Libraries in Communities

Name Coordinates
Annette DeFaveri Manager, Children Services - Working Together Project
Vancouver Public Library/Working Together Project

Terms of Reference

This interest group focuses on using community development approaches in communities and neighbourhoods to build inclusive and collaborative libraries. Concerned primarily with socially excluded communities and individuals the group focuses on the philosophies, strategies, empathies and self support that librarians need to reduce the rigidity of the relationships between socially excluded communities and the library. The approach is to encourage a dialogue within the interest group to identify and critically evaluate those values and cultures of our libraries that act as systemic barriers to library participation by those who are outside the mainstream of society. Members will challenge the broader library community to reflect on how our fundamental values of inclusiveness have drifted in the pursuit of efficiency and quantification. Members will discuss, promote, and begin to build library services and service models that recognize the needs of our whole communities, regardless of social, economic, political or cultural status. The interest group will provide a supportive and safe environment to those in Canadian libraries who think there is more to library engagement than checklists and programs and who wish to explore ways to broaden and deepen our community connections through collaborative, consultative, and responsive approaches to our communities.

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