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Library & Information Needs of Native Peoples

If you're interested in any aspect of library and information needs of native peoples or the provision of services in aboriginal communities, then this is the Interest Group for you!

Information Resources for Aboriginal Peoples

The Volume 49, Number 5 (2003) issue of Feliciter guest edited by Jim Bruce and Janice Linton presented a strong collection of articles and resources related to the provision of services in aboriginal communities.

Members can log in here using their username and password to access the full online pdf version of Feliciter. The articles are provided in Adobe Acrobat format (pdf). Click here for a full listing of the featured articles and their authors.

CLA is pleased to have Ojibwa artist Nokomis featured on the cover of this issue. Please click here to read the wonderful story of The Reading Teacher, the story behind the wonderful cover image.

At the 57th Annual General Meeting of the Canadian Library Association, a resolution was passed identifying major areas of library and information service assistance needed by Aboriginal groups.


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