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Smart Business: Canadian Special Libraries Day

Thursday October 28th  2010 has been declared Canadian Special Libraries day in recognition of the value of special libraries to Canadian society, and the vital role played by over 1000 “special” librarians and information professionals across Canada who ensure that Canadian businesses, non-profits and government agencies are among the smartest in the world. 

What is a “special” library?

Special libraries are information resource practices found within organizations with specialized information needs. Approximately 50% of the top 100 corporations on the Financial Post 500 list have libraries as well as the top law firms and consulting firms in Canada. Special libraries and special librarians are also found in all levels of government – from federal to provincial to municipal.

Special libraries, and special librarians, are EVERYWHERE!

What makes these librarians “special”?

Special libraries are staffed with highly skilled information managers who not only have a library-focused education, but often have also completed additional training in their specialized areas such as law, business administration and specific subject areas. With such robust backgrounds and expertise, these information professionals are well-positioned to help their organizations manage information overload. And they are dedicated to capturing content, organizing resources and ensuring that the right information is available at the right time, to the right people and in the right place to turn information into strategic decisions.

Smart business, indeed. Canadian Special Libraries Day – celebrate it!

Keith Walker
CLA President

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