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Message to CLA Members and the Canadian library community:

The CLA Executive Council is pleased to release the second draft of the CLA Future Plan. Many revisions that were suggested by the CLA members and the wider national library community have been incorporated into this document. The Executive Council is pleased with the positive responses we have received on the first draft and appreciates the thought put into the comments submitted to the Future Blog and by other means. Some of the concerns and suggestions are not incorporated in the Plan for various reasons but please be assured that all of them were seriously considered as the revisions were made.  We are developing a “frequently asked questions” section to respond to some of the suggestions or comments which are not reflected in the Plan. These FAQs will be posted to the blog shortly and we will add to them as more questions arise.

The second draft is now available for review and comment over the next month by clicking the link below.

Proposed CLA Future Plan Draft 2

I encourage you to use the Future Blog on the CLA website as the central discussion point, but responses can also be directed to me or any other member of the Executive Council. Please submit your comments by Friday January 14, 2011.

Best wishes to all of you for a happy holiday season.

Keith Walker

CLA President

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