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Feliciter Volume 53 Number 2: 

Focus on New Professionals 

Vol. 53 No. 2 (2007)
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President's Message
Another Kick at the Image Issue
by Linda Cook

From the Director's Chair
Coming Soon: A New Web Presence for CLA
by Don Butcher

Planning for IT
Asking Questions
by Judith Umbach

Unsung Hero
Elaine Atwood, Librarian, The Alberta Teachers' Association
by Margaret Shane

ETIG Bytes
F******ED Searchers? The Debate about Federated Search Engines
by Sue Fahey

Student Exchange
"Mind the Gap": Future Librarians Preparing to take on Leadership Roles
By Jana Sheardown & Monique Woroniak

800m Ahead: Small Public Libraries in Canada
J.D. Shatford Memorial Public Library
by Julie Totten

Profiles ~ CLA Volunteer and Staff Profiles
Standing Committee on Research & Development

Theme Features

Theme: Focus on New Professionals
Guest Editors: Sarah Pollard

Focus on New Professionals
by Sarah Pollard

Promoting (for) Change: New Academic Librarians in Managerial Roles
by Heather Matheson

Bright Ideas, Hard Work and Thick Skin: Engaging in Scholarly Activity as a New Librarian
by Melanie Boyd & Pascal Lupien

International Perspectives on the New Librarian Experience
by Loida Garcia-Febo

Have Challenges for the New Professional Changed? Perspectives from the Far End of the Career Spectrum
by Carrol Lunau

Baby Librarians Beware: All-growed-up Grad Speaks Out
by Sophia Apostol

The Emerging Leadership Landscape: Six Perspectives
by Melanie Sellar


One for the Books: Lectures on Collecting from Coast to Coast
by Guy Robertson

Identity Theft and Libraries
by Jeremiah Saunders & Carla Graebner

CODE: Promoting Literacy in Developing Countires
by Maureen Johnson

Environment Libraries: An Endangered Species?
by Danielle Dennie


Index to Advertisers
CLA Executive Council & Staff Contacts

Front Cover

This month's cover Photographer: Andres Rodriguez
Cover design: Beverly Bard

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