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Feliciter Volume 53 Number 3: 


Vol. 53 No. 3(2007)
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The Importance of Relationships
by Linda Cook

From the Director's Chair Summer Plans
by Don Butcher

Planning for IT Satisfied with Your Strategy?
by Judith Umbach

Profiles ~ CLA Volunteer and Staff Profiles

Theme Features

Theme: Marketing
Guest Editor: Maggie Weaver

Marketing for Libraries 201
by Maggie Weaver

Is a Window Shutting? Quick! Build a Door!
by Juanita Richardson

Time is Money: "Pricing" Options for Libraries
by Leeanne Morrow

Marketing Mindset: Focusing on the Customer, from Technical Services to Circulation
by Karen Wallace

My Pleasure to Serve You: Client Service Marketing
by Ulla de Stricker

A Tale of Two Cities: Promoting New Service
by Diana Guinn

Shout Louder: Thoughts on Internal Marketing
by Sophie Graham

It Takes Three to Tango, or When PR Is Not Enough
by Diane Mittermeyer

Developing a Marketing Culture
by Rajesh Singh


Keeping Up Appearances: Looking Like a Librarian in an Age of Paranoia
by Guy Robertson

Thinking Outside the Borders
by Connie Forst

"Come and See"
by Marilyn Rennick

Facing Off with Facebook: Email for the 21st Century
by Jason Hammond

Vision 2017: It Begins Now
by Geoffrey Harder, Merinda McLure, H. Rainer Schira, Kathleen Williams;
French translation by Pascal Lupien and Karen Nicholson.

Preserving Canadia's Cultural Heritage: The AV Trust
by Paul McCormick

The 1900 ALA Conference: Charles Gould's Vision
by Elizabeth Hanson


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