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Feliciter: Vol. 53 No. 5 (2007)   


Vol. 53 No. 5 (2007)
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President's Message
Spark, Catalyst, Oxygen: Community Collaboration for Writers-in-Exile
by Alvin Schrader

From the Director's Chair
Advocacy Makes a Difference
by Don Butcher

Planning for IT
Digitizing Books Debate
by Judith Umbach

Book Reviews

800m Ahead: Small Public Libraries in Canada
Keno City Library, Yukon
by Ernie Ingles, Carrier Chelsburg & Allison Sivak

Profiles ~ CLA Volunteer and Staff Profiles
Standing Committee on Intellectual Property & Public Access Information Policy Working Group


Theme: Technical Services: Changes and Challenges for the Future
Guest Editor: Jane Schmidt

Guest Editorial

Hearsay and Hullabaloo: Technical Services in Transistion
by: Jane Schmidt

Theme Features

What is NACO?
by: Stacey Penney

The Mashed-up Librarian: New Roles in Technical Services
by: Dana Thomas

Size Doesn't Matter: Book Approval Plans Can Be Catered to Tight Budgets
by: Clare Appavoo

Technical Services and Open Access: A Few Challenges
by: Andrew Waller

Changing to RDA
by: Chris Oliver

Feature Articles

Reaching the Outer Limits: Science Fiction in the Library
by: Guy Robertson

Preserving Canada's Cultural Heritage: Library and Archives Canada
by: Paul McCormick

Creating Order in Ladysmith
by: Edward Hill


Images of CLA Open House 2007

CLA Annual Awards

Index to Advestisers

CLA Executive Council & Staff Contacts

CLA Call for Nominations 2008

Front Cover

This month's cover Photographer: Stasys Eidiejus

Cover design:

Beverly Bard


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