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Current Issue | Vol. 57 #3
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Table of Contents

Open Access
Guest Editors: Kathleen Shearer & Andrew Waller

Guest Editorial

88 | Open Access
by Kathleen Shearer & Andrew Waller

Theme Features

94 | Tri-Campus Teamwork: Open Access at the University of Toronto Libraries
by Julie Hannaford

96 | Canada's Growing Open Data Movement
by Mary Beth Baker

99 | "Making a Difference. Making You Think":
Open Access at the University of Calgary Press
by Donna Livingstone

101 | The Senate Resolution on Open Access at Concordia University
by Gerald Beasley

103 | International Open AccessWeek
by Diego Argáez

Feature Articles

106 | Stealing from Library Patrons:
A Helpful Introduction
by Guy Robertson

110 | Building the Brand from the Inside Out
by Tina Thomas

114 | Stamped Out, Erased Out and Found Out:
Mystery and Mayhem at the Sydney Library
by Rosalie Gillis & Faye McDougall

118 | Thoughts on the Regional Campus Library:
Its Rewards and Challenges
by Pauline Dewan & Charlotte Innerd


89 | President's Message
We Are CLA!
by Keith Walker

91 | From the Director's Chair
When a Resolution is Not Just a Resolution
by Kelly Moore

92 | Taking the Lead, Dump and Run
by Ken Roberts & Daphne Wood

120 | Book Reviews


121 | Index to Advertisers

122 | CLA Executive Council & Staff Contacts

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