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Author/Guest Editor Guidelines

Feliciter editorial schedule is as follows:

Issue 1 –    Theme articles, regular columns + Preliminary Conference Program
Issues 2, 3 – Theme articles, regular columns
Issue 4 - No theme or theme articles. Post conference issue + Regular columns
Issues 5, 6 - Theme articles, regular columns

Themes for upcoming Feliciter issues.

If you would like to suggest a theme (and/or volunteer to be a guest editor), please contact publishing@cla.ca.   If you are interested in contributing to a theme issue, please contact the guest editor for that issue. Please note: If you would like to contibute an article for a themed issue please do so SIX WEEKS prior to the due date for planning purposes.

We are also interested in receiving articles on any topic as we try to have space in each issue for articles that are not related to the theme.  If you would like to submit an article for consideration, please send it to publishing@cla.ca.  Your letters and comments on previous issues and articles are also welcome!

Guest Editor Guidelines:

The major job of the guest editor is soliciting the articles as well as ensuring that they are the appropriate length and style. The other responsibility is writing the guest editorial.

The Responsibilities of the Guest Editor are:

  • A guest editorial (short - 500 to 750 words)
  • Solicit articles relevant to the theme or themes. A maximum of 6 (minimum of 4) theme articles plus the guest editorial is required. Ensure that article authors meet the style and guidelines of Feliciter
  • Articles should be 1,000 to 1,500 words in length - graphics can be additional. Graphics need to be supplied in a minimum of 300 dpi.
  • Articles should not be overly dense or scholarly, but rather written to pique the interest of the readers/audience.
  • Work with the authors to ensure that the material arrives and is sent to CLA (publishing@cla.ca), and that it is in the appropriate style.CLA will do the final edit/word-smithing as well as desktop work for publication.
  • The major job of the guest editor is soliciting the articles as well as ensuring that they are the appropriate length and style. The other responsibility is writing the guest editorial.

Guest Editors have the materials sent electronically to them and have put an earlier deadline on their authors, so that they can ensure any changes that are needed (length etc) can be completed in time for submission to CLA. It is suggested two weeks prior to the deadline to the CLA.

Each guest editor will have a liaison assigned to them from the Member Communication Advisory Committee. The liaison’s responsibility is to guide the guest editor and to read the articles prior to submission to CLA.

Each article submitted to the CLA office must have the following attached:

  •  A signed copy of the author’s agreement
  • A high resolution photo of the author in a minimum of 300 dpi
  • A short biography of the author (1-2 lines)


Author Guidelines:


Informal but informative. Conclusions should follow logically and statements should be supported. Feliciter uses the Chicago Manual of Style. Since Feliciter is not a scholarly journal, extensive footnoting is usually not required. References should follow Chicago Manual of Style Style A.


Manuscripts may be submitted by mail to the attention of the Feliciter Editor at the CLA/ACB office, by fax to (613) 563-9895, or by e-mail to publishing@cla.ca. Please include your day-time telephone number, fax number and mailing address. Manuscripts may be submitted in any standard word processing program for either PC or Macintosh.

Length: 600 to 1,500 words.


We welcome colour or black-and-white prints/slides as well as illustrations, charts and tables that support the text. All photographs must have a minimum resolution of 300 dpi.

Acceptance: Manuscripts are accepted at the discretion of CLA. If the submission is not in electronic format, an electronic copy will be requested upon acceptance.


CLA reserves the right to make revisions, deletions or additions that enhance the text or are required to meet length restrictions. All materials are copy-edited for consistency. Substantial revisions are discussed with the author.

Every effort is made to provide the author with an opportunity to review the edited text prior to publication.

Complimentary Copies: CLA provides the author with 3 complimentary copies of the issue in which published material appears.


Submissions to Feliciter must be original and not previously published. CLA retains world rights in all formats to all material published in Feliciter and acts as a clearinghouse for any subsequent use. Requests to make copies or otherwise use material must be made in writing to CLA. Permission is usually granted for authors to reproduce their contributions as published in the magazine. CLA clears any reprint or other requests to use material with the author.

Please download the Author's agreement [PDF]  and fax back a signed copy with your submission to (613) 563-9895.

Queries: CLA welcomes queries prior to submission.