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Trustee Network

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To provide a venue for public library trustees to exchange information and concerns amongst themselves, and to work with the greater library community on issues raised.


  • To use electronic communication tools to reach out to as many public library trustees and boards as possible
  • To seek information on best practices that can be shared between trustees and boards
  • To be a conduit for information to and from trustees and CLA regarding regarding issues of concern to trustees
  • To investigate and encourage the training of library trustees

Moderator:  Carol Rigby

Blog: http://clatrusteenetwork.wordpress.com

News: Trustee Network News

Founding members:

Doug Kariel

Elaine Kivisto

Shelley Monson

Donna Campbell

Brent McDonough

Mary Ghikas

Barbara Clubb

Ann Craig

Sharron Bryce

Jan Harder

Philip Mantler