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Position Statements

Action for Literacy
(February 1993; Amended June 1993)

Adobe Digital Edition 4 software transmission of unencrypted data   
(October 2014)

Buying Around
(June 1978)

CLA Statement on Public Access to the Internet

(February, 2015)

Canadian Guidelines on Library and Information Services for Older Adults
(November 2000)

Canadian Guidelines on Library and Information Services for People with Disabilities
(February 1997)

Canadian Library Association Perspective on the World Trade Organization Meetings
(November 1999)

Citizenship Access to Information Data Banks - Right to Privacy
(June 1987)

Code of Ethics
(June 1976)

(November 1995)

Corporate Sponsorship Agreements in Libraries 
(June 1997)

Cuts to Statistics Canada are Harming Canadians

(October 2014)

Deliberate Destruction of Libraries
(September 2007)

Diversity and Inclusion
(May 2008)

Effective School Library Programs in Canada
(November 2000)

Equitable Compensation for Library Workers
(October 2007)

Federal Government Library Closures 
(February 2014)

Financial Support to Writers
(June 1976; Amended June 1994)

Florence Agreement
(November 1977)

Foreign Credentials
(June 2003)

Guidelines for Library Support of Distance and Distributed Learning in Canada
(February 1993; Amended November 2000)

Human Resource Management Practices
(February 1995)

Incarcerated Persons' Right to Read, Learn and Access Information
(September 2014)

Information and Telecommunication Access Principles
(June 1994; Amended May 2012)

Intellectual Freedom
(June 1974; Amended November 1983, November 1985 and September 2015)

Internet Access
(November 1997)

Qualities of a Successful Librarian and Archivist of Canada 
(May 2013)

Library Service to Linguistic and Ethnic Minorities
(June 1987)

Open Access
(May 2008)

Public Library Boards
(October 1979)

Regulations Related to Bill C-32 Library Exceptions and Parallel Importation
(June 1997)

Social Media Monitoring of Canadians 
(December 2013)

Special Collections Interest Group Code of Ethics
(February 1993)

Telecommunications Privacy 
(June 2013)

Young Adult Services in Public Libraries
(March 1987)