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Committees, Task forces, and Teams

Call for volunteers to serve on 3 CLA committees and a newly created task force    

The work of the Canadian Library Association is supported by Committees. Committees help to further the objectives of the Association, and provide members with an opportunity to share their expertise and actively participate in the essential work of CLA. Committees are divided into two types.

Advisory Committees are established by Executive Council to provide expert advice on topics of strategic professional interest to the Association. Advisory Committees may be long-term or short-term in nature, depending on the topic being addressed.

CLA has established the following Advisory Committees:


Standing Committees are established by Executive Council to contribute to the on-going governance of the Association. Standing Committees are intended to be long-term, as they support functions that are necessary for the continuing operation of the Association.

CLA has established the following Standing Committees:


Executive Council will form new Committees as needs arise. Individuals must be CLA members in order to be considered for committee appointments, except where the Committee would benefit from expertise from outside the library and information community.

Task Forces