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Image Devoted to the association's national advocacy activities.
The National Voice is published on an ad hoc basis.

The Canadian Library Association/Association canadienne des bibliothèques is the national voice for Canada's library communities.

CLA Statement on Public Access to the Internet (February 2015)

2014 Advocacy Review for the Canadian Library Association (December 2014)

Canadian Library Association statement urging government to return Statistics Canada to its status as one of the world’s most respected National Statistical agencies. (October 2014)

The Canadian Library Association expresses concern regarding the transmission of unencrypted data via Adobe Digital Edition 4 software (October 2014)

Position Statement on the Fundamental Right of People who are Incarcerated to Read, Learn and Access Information (September 2014)

CLA Endorses The Lyon Declaration on Access to Information and Development (August 2014)

Canadian Library Association Signs Letter Opposing the Use of TPP Negotiations (Trans-Pacific Partnerships) as Backdoor to Changing Canada's Copyright Laws. (July 2014)

CLA Statement regarding Federal Government Library Consolidation and Closures (February 2014)

CLA Recommendations on Crown Copyright and Licensing (December  2013)

CLA Statement on Social Media Monitoring of Canadians (December 19, 2013)

CLA Response to Consultation Process on the Tri-Agency Open Access Policy (December 12, 2013)

CLA Response to Canada's Action Plan on Open Government (September 2013)

CLA advocates for amendments to the proposed Bill C-51

Nikki Ashton,  Carolyn Bennett MDAlexandre Boulerice, Denis LebelChristian ParadisWayne EasterLynne Yelich
Senator DowneSenator TardifSenator CampbellSenator Boisvenu

CLA advocates on and contributes to discussions on AMICUS and National Union Catalogue

Long Form Census and Statistics

CLA continues to advocate with the federal government regarding the Long Form Census and funding for StatCan

CLA advocates on copyright issues

CLA continues to advocate with the federal government regarding federal libraries and Library and Archives Canada.

CLA conducts research and collects statistics on the state of Canadian libraries.

CLA defends against challenges to intellectual freedom.

CLA contributes to various federal government consultations.

Thank you to Minister Moore Rural Broadband decision (Mar 2015)

Report: Decisions Regarding Policy Changes in the 3500 MHz Band (3475–3650 MHz) and a New Licensing Process (Nov 2014)

Communication from The Honourable James Moore, Minister of Industry: Decision RE Policy Changes in Rural Broadband (Dec 2014 - PDF document)

- Response from the Honourable James Moore, P.C. M.P., Minister of Industry re: Policy Changes in the 3500 MHz Band (3475-3650 MHz) and a New Licensing Process in Rural Areas (November 2014)

- CLA responds to Industry Canada Consultation on Policy Changes in the 3500 MHz Band (3475-3650 MHz) and a New Licensing Process in Rural Areas, DGSO-003-14, dated August 19, 2014 (the “Consultation Paper”) (October 2014)

CLA participates in the Library and Archive Canada's Pan-Canadian Documentary Heritage Network

CLA provides training materials to help members become effective advocates.

Together with partners, CLA/ACB advocates to the federal government in two broad areas of interest:

Public Policy issues that impact libraries, librarians and information specialists, and library users. Examples are:

Funding issues that impact the flow of federal funding to libraries. Examples are:

  • Community Access Program
  • Library Book Rate

Issues of concern to the Canadian library and information community and CLA's involvement:

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