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Government Information Network

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CLA GIN Listserv

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List Co-Moderators:
Michelle Lake

Catherine McGoveran

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Terms of Reference:

  • To monitor issues relating to government publishing and the availability of government information.
  • To provide a channel through which interested Canadian Library Association /Association canadienne des bibliothèques members can assist the Association, to advocate for government publications and information.
  • To provide a forum where library workers can learn from one another or from experts in the field and can participate in other activities aimed at improving access to government information.
  • To advocate for government librarianship and continued research and teaching in government information.
  • Collaborate with other members, committees, networks, and the Executive of the Canadian Library Association /Association canadienne des bibliothèques.

Plan of activities:

  • Liaise with the Government of Canada Depository Services Program (DSP)i, a program administered by Public Works and Government Services Canada, by:
    • Inviting presentations from the DSP Manger(s) at the CLA Annual Conference, either at conference session(s) or at the business meeting of the Government Information Network.
    • Participating on the Depository Services Program Library Advisory Committee (DSP-LAC). CLA has two representatives on the DSP-LAC, appointed by the CLA Executive.; at least one of these CLA representatives will be a member of the Government Information Network.
    • Ensuring that the Government Information Network has members that participate in the DSP program, both full and selective depository libraries representing all types of Canadian libraries (public, academic, college, special, school).
  • Develop training / resource materials for full and selective depository libraries dealing with Canadian Federal Depository Publicationsii. Investigate various options for accessing the materials, including the CLA website, the DSP website, and the Education Institute, the continuing education program for library information workers developed by The Partnership of Provincial and Territorial Library Associations of Canada.iii 
  • Work with the CLA Executive on strategies to continue the Olga B. Bishop Award.iv
  • Promote the development and use of the Association of Parliamentary Libraries in Canada (APLIC) portal. The portal will provide a free, publicly accessible single search interface to electronic legislative and government publications from Canadian jurisdictions held in APLIC libraries, particularly focused on provincial publications.
  • Establish and list-serve and a blog for communication with network members and other members of CLA.
  • Respond to requests for information from the CLA Executive.

Co-Moderator: Michelle Lake
Co-Moderator Email:

Co-Moderator: Catherine McGoveran

Founding members:


email address

1.Ingrid Dandanell (Langhammer)


2.Laura Lemmens

3. Anita Cannon

4. Katharine Barrette

5. Amanda Wakaruk

6. Dani Pahulje


7. Heather Ludlow

8. Gay Lepkey

9. Karen Jensen

10. Caron Rollins

11. Doug Kariel

Other CLA members supporting this Network Proposal:


ii Development of training / resource materials for full and selective depository libraries.  CLA has two representatives on the Canadian Federal Depository Services Program-Library Advisory Committee (DSP-LAC).  The committee holds an annual meeting every August. One of the items of discussion brought forward by the CLA reps at the August 2010 meeting was the desire of CLA members for training materials dealing with depository publications.



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